El Árbol (the tree) is the creation of Jan Hein (designer and creator of the lodge) and Marjolein (counsellor and international marketer) from the Netherlands. We want to offer our guests comfort while at the same time they are being totally immerged in nature. The idea is to offer guests a pure, private and personal experience. We are nature lovers ourselves and we would like to show you and your loved ones nature as it can still be found on this planet. Enjoy nature without compromising too much on comfort.We live in Costa Rica since 2006 and our 2 children Rebel and Amazon are born in this beautiful country.

We believe that the natural beauty in the lay of the land is best left as it is, especially if one of your goals is seeing animals. This theory is proven by the abundant wildlife that visits our 16+ acre property every day. We continue to let nature work her magic. Landscaping is done only around houses and common areas. We have a natural path through our rainforest that we keep clean and accessible; the rest of the jungle remains untouched. Outdoor lighting is romantic but restricted to what is necessary for orientation, safety & security.

El Árbol philosophy: Our philosophy is to create a unique and personalized jungle experience in the midst of complete comfort. Feel the mental and physical wellbeing that nature provides. We also place extra emphasis on being eco friendly and globally conscious. You as our guest take part in this process as 5% of your lodging fees will be donated to local charities.

El Árbol amazingly designed stilt jungle houses

The houses are designed with style, the immediate environment, comfort and safety in mind.

Our houses are beautifully and interestingly designed. They are built on poles so you have the feeling you are living and sleeping between treetops. The houses have round shapes, rich colors and exciting features. House nm 1 has its own jacuzzi, house nm 2 the same big tub without the jacuzzi jets from which you can see the jungle and its wildlife. The houses have a fully equipped kitchen, master bedroom, large living room with an extra individual bed, nice bathroom, safe and all beds have the best orthopedic mattresses with good quality mosquito nets.

Because of their design and the protection from the rainforest’s canopy, the houses have a comfortable, cool climate. The houses have glass windows to keep insects out, although it would amaze you how many days and nights you will sit outside on your porch without being bothered by any of these little creatures and fully enjoy the sounds of the jungle. The houses are cleaned for you 1 time a week.

New ! Happy to announce that high speed internet has finally come to the jungle and is now available in both houses.